It’s all about — a walk in the park

The leafs litter the ground in pre-decom


             The lady shuffles through, ready to sue


As the leafs ought to know better–or, the trees,

with all their committees.

She’ll sue the county for letting the trees live.

she’ll sue the county for the changing of colours.

she’ll sue the sweeper, the inspector, the mayor and doctor;

She’ll sue the police, the ranger, the children of actors.

She swears. She’ll sue.


Believe.  I believe.  So, I say I will sue too!

I’ll sue the source!  I’ll sue the trees, for being bad trees.

I’ll sue the leafs (for falling of course!)

i’ll sue the squirrel, the pigeon, and the gypsy horse!


You can’t.  Don’t be daft!

She quipped as she laughed.


from niggling to giggling in one breath

where others  pray for her early death.