The Stygobiotic Waterscorpion (Discovery)

Before the time of Dracula;

Near the jagged Transylvania;

South of Stephen’s flat Moldova;

East of Vlad Tepe’s Wallachia;

Under the Obane de la Movile;

Lies the species anopthalma.


From the kingdom Animalia;

From the phylum Arthropoda;

From the broad class of Insecta;

From the order Hemiptera;

From the family Nepidae;

From the narrow genus Nepa;

Lies the species anopthalma.


In a darkness that surrounds him;

In the tombs of long forgotten;

In sulphuric hatred sits a blind man;

In the absinthe of desires;

In the land of nether fires;

In the cusp of ancient Saturn;

Lies the species anoptholma.


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