About Coyotetooth and this blog

This blog is more an exploration into taming my mind.  Bringing control from a mind whose wires seem to follow their own paths.  I had once (long ago)  reigned in the controls and started writing sonnets.  This led to me mastering 5 minute sonnets (3 sonnets in 15 minutes).  After 150 sonnets written in 10 days, I found myself speaking in iambic pentameter, which didn’t settle well with socializing.  In this blog, I attempt to work my way first back into poetry, then back into the realm of sonnets.  So until I slip into the lycra which is sonnet . . . bear with me with these more untamed ramblings.


4 thoughts on “About Coyotetooth and this blog

  1. “…wires which follow their own paths.” makes for some awfully pretty writing 🙂

  2. Ayala Caroline says:

    And very important to do something, some kind of art, to unchain our thoughts and libertalos. You write well.

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